Making The Grade: Common Myths About Credit Scores.

Mortgage Tips Melissa Nunes 3 May

How is your credit score calculated? It is a complex answer and, as such, common myths persist. Today, we are going to help you get a better understanding of your credit score and how to make the grade by busting the most common credit score myths! MYTH #1: TOO MANY CREDIT CARDS WILL HURT MY […]

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Relocate or Renovate?

Home Mgmt Melissa Nunes 8 Apr

  Relocate or Renovate? Like Lighting in a Bottle. That’s how Todd Talbot describes the chemistry between him and Jillian Harris, his co-host of the reality TV series Love It or List It Vancouver. There’s an undeniable electricity that flows between the pair who have battled against each other through 104 hour-long episodes of the […]

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What will the real estate industry look like in 2021?

Real Estate Melissa Nunes 26 Jan

If there is one word that defines life in 2021, that word is change. How much and for how long is uncertain. And while some changes may be temporary, many may be here to stay. How will all of this change impact the real estate industry? Some key trends have emerged that bear closer scrutiny. […]

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